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Place Based Philanthropy

Taking a cue from Atlanta’s preparations for the Centennial Olympic Games, and in particular, President Jimmy Carter’s anti-poverty effort known as The Atlanta Project, in the early 1990s Dr. and Mrs. Brumley adopted a “place based” approach to their philanthropy. Atlanta’s Edgewood community, then an underserved area strategically located near transportation hubs and Emory University, became the focus of their efforts.

In 1994, The Zeist Foundation made its initial investment in the Edgewood community, establishing a school-based pediatric clinic operated by Emory doctors and nurses in Whitefoord Elementary School. This collaborative partnership between the foundation, Atlanta Public Schools, and Emory University was a unique health access project and a catalyst for community building in Edgewood.

The new stakeholder organizations that received significant grants from the foundation during this period were Meridian Education Resource Group, Inc. and Families First, Inc. Both of these organizations were instrumental in the creation of the Whitefoord Community Program, which manages the pediatric clinics, the early childhood development program, and the afterschool programs.