• Zeist

    Family Legacy Focused on Children and Youth

    The Foundation seeks opportunities to partner with reputable organizations that are effective, collaborative and adaptive.

    Who We Are


  • Innovators

    Supporting Nonprofits

    The Foundation supports nonprofits that aim to be creative, imaginative and are willing to take healthy risks to find solutions to the issues faced by the children and youth of Georgia.


  • Collaborators

    Meeting the Needs of Children, Youth & Families

    The Foundation believes that no one organization can successfully address the issues facing children and youth in Georgia and that collaboration among nonprofits, as well as private-public partnerships, are necessary to meet the education, health, human service and cultural needs of children, youth and families.


  • Conveners

    Aligning for the Greater Good

    The Foundation recognizes that many organizations are engaged in productive, meaningful service on behalf of children and youth, yet too many are not connected and aligned for the greater good; thus, the Foundation plays a convening role with nonprofits, public sector agencies (e.g. schools) and even businesses that are stakeholders.


  • Funders

    Grant Making and Place Based Philanthopy

    The Foundation supports nonprofits across the state of Georgia through its traditional grant making process semi-annually in the spring and fall, and it supports nonprofits year-round through its place based philanthropy in the Edgewood neighborhood of Atlanta and across the Atlanta Public Schools Maynard Jackson High School cluster.